HO Scale GMD SD60F Diesel Locomotive

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Estimated Arrival Date: December 2022 / January 2023

Aurora Miniatures is proud to present the GMD SD60F as the first entry in a series of North American-prototype HO scale locomotives.

Aurora’s HO SD60F follows the footsteps of its previously-released HO scale locomotives of foreign prototypes. The model is designed from the ground up and manufactured with the most cutting-edge technology available today. It comes completely assembled, ready to run, with optional DCC and sound functionality.

MSRP (DC): $249.99 CAD / $209.99 USD

MSRP (DCC Sound): $349.99 CAD / $299.99 USD


The SD60Fs were built by General Motors Diesel (GMD) in London, Ontario, Canada between 1985 and 1989. It is a unique Canadian variant of the popular EMD SD60 series 6-axle diesel-electric freight locomotives, featuring a full-width cowl body and cab, with a tapered section immediately behind the cab for improved rear visibility. A total of 64 ‘Draper Taper’ units were built, all for the Canadian National Railway. They saw extensive mainline freight service on the CN network across Canada and in the United States. All units were retired by CN in 2017 and several units are still being used by second-hand owners today.

Model Features:

Canadian National Class GF-638b, CN 5504-5563

Accurately designed from various prototype drawings, photos and other resources

Variations in detail and painting to reflect early and late production units of the prototype locomotive.

Precision painting and lettering

Multiple road numbers offered

Highly detailed, injection-moulded ABS shell

Large array of separately applied details: windshield wipers, grab irons, handrails, steps and ladders, lift rings, bell, horn, winterization hatch and screen, radiator screens, mirrors, sunshades, plow, MU hoses, train line hose, coupler cut lever, sanding lines, handbrake chain, fuel tank and underbody cables and piping

Meticulously designed EMD/Dofasco HT-C trucks with traction motor detail, traction motor contour, separately applied brake details and rotating roller-bearing end caps.

All LED lighting*: headlights, ditch lights, number boards, tri-colour class lights, step lights, ground lights, walkway lights, locomotive control desk

‘Stay Alive’ capacitors installed to prevent operation interruptions caused by dirty track

5-pole skew wound motor with dual flywheels

All-wheel power pickup and all-axle drive through a worms-and-gears system

Heavy die-cast, zinc alloy chassis

Operating radiator fans driven by scale-speed auxiliary motor

Optional smoke unit offered – to be installed by interested hobbyists

AuroraJanney scale head replica couplers installed – compatible with Kadee and other popular brands

NMRA RP-25 wheel contour with Code 110 tread width

Minimum turn radius: 18” (recommended 22”)

Available with or without DCC and sound

DCC & Sound models feature ESU LokSound 5 decoder installed with accurate GMD 16-710G3A prime mover and realistic horn, bell and other sounds.

*lighting functionality is limited on DC models or DCC models operating on DC track power.

**sound functionality is limited on DCC models operating on DC track power.