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[SOLD OUT] HO Scale DF4E Locomotive Set (2 Units)

[SOLD OUT] HO Scale DF4E Locomotive Set (2 Units)

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One-time limited production run of the DF4E class leader 0001A/0001B in as-delivered configuration with large windshields.

Set includes TWO locomotives which are both powered and DCC/sound equipped!

The DF4E is a two-unit, 7100hp diesel-electric locomotive used in freight operations in China from 1995 onwards. A total of 16 two-unit sets were built, numbering from DF4E 0001A/B to 0016A/B. The DF4E is heavily based on the earlier DF4B locomotives, major spotting differences are the DF4Es have a square cab and body profile, along with single cabs, as two units are coupled back-to-back in operation.

Model Features
• First ever HO scale model of any form of the China Railways DF4E.
• Highly detailed injection-moulded plastic shell on a heavy die-cast chassis.
• Full underbody detail, including traction motor contours and operating drawbar assembly.
• Separately applied parts: airhorns, handrails, grab irons, steps/ladders, air intakes, see-through vents and clear windows.
• Visible diesel engine details in engine room section.
• Intricately detailed cab interiors.
• Accurately replicated truck sideframes with separately applied sand reservoir, sanding lines, brake components, shocks and springs, traction motor brackets.
• Premium LED lighting functions: headlights, markers, number lights, truck lights, cab, control desk, engine room lights.
• Operating radiator fans with blown shutter action on top of fan.
• Both A and B units powered with dual-flywheel motor. Each unit has 12-wheel power pickup and 6-axle drive
• Built-in ‘Stay Alive’ capacitors for continuous operation on dirty trackwork.
• ESU LokSound 5.0 decoders installed in both A and B units, with sounds recorded from a DF4E/DF4B. (DCC version only)
• Minimum Radius: 450mm / 18”


Road Name and Road Number
DC/DCC Sound
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