Product Schedule

Product Delivery Schedule

Please note: As freight cars have relatively short product development cycles, they will simply go on sale as they arrive. Advance reservations / preorders are NOT required and NOT accepted for all freight cars unless otherwise noted.

HO Scale 45′ Hi-Cube Dry Containers 1 Delivered Sold Out - Please See Dealers November 2020 December 4, 2020 December 2021
HO Scale GMD SD60F Diesel Locomotive 1 Delivered Limited Availability October 2020 December 13, 2021 January 2023
HO Scale 40' Hi-Cube Dry Containers 1 Delivered In Stock February 2022 March 18, 2022 May 2023
HO Scale Gunderson 6276 cf 50' Plate F Boxcar 1 Delivered In Stock September 2022 No Preorders May 2023
HO Scale NSC 3650 cf 66' 'Railgon' Gondola 1 In Production On Sale Upon Delivery September 2022 No Preorders ETA Q3 2023
HO Scale Gunderson 53' All-Purpose Well Car 1 In Tooling On Sale Upon Delivery April 2023 No Preorders ETA Q4 2023
HO Scale NSC 81' Uni-Level Autorack 1 In Design On Sale Upon Delivery April 2023 No Preorders ETA Q1 2024
HO Scale GE ES59ACi Diesel Locomotive (US Paint Schemes) 1 First Samples TBA April 2023 TBA TBA