The Aurora People

Ben Wang

Ben Wang grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada where he became fascinated with trains by watching the operations of CN, CP and GO Transit around town. Ben has been an HO scale model train enthusiast since receiving his first HO scale train set over 20 years ago. He combines his passion for electronics and technology with the model train hobby. Since 2017, Ben has been making model railroad videos featuring extensive DCC and electronics content and uploading them to his personal YouTube Channel. Although he is better known as ‘Drunk Bee’ by the model railroad community, the nickname is simply a dig by a fellow hobbyist and has nothing to do with alcoholism or bees.

Ben attended the University of Toronto from 2010 to 2014. He has since then worked in a variety of industries and has past experience in customer service, information technology, accounting & finance and project management. Ben is a member at the Scarborough Model Railroaders club in Scarborough, Ontario where he takes care of the IT equipment and helps fellow club members with various aspects of DCC installation and programming. His other interests include skiing, tinkering with hobby electronics and musicianship.

Ben joined as the first member of the North American Aurora team in 2018 and oversees all aspects of Aurora’s North American product development.