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Aurora Miniatures EXCLUSIVE HO Scale Greenbrier 6276 cf 50' Plate F Boxcar - FBOX 504927

Aurora Miniatures EXCLUSIVE HO Scale Greenbrier 6276 cf 50' Plate F Boxcar - FBOX 504927

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Utilizing the latest innovations, technologies and highly-refined processes in model train manufacturing, we are able to offer THE FIRST AND ONLY accurate, high-end HO scale replica of FBOX 504927.

This is NOT a stand-in model with a 'foobie' paint scheme applied. This is NOT some random 50’ boxcar with some pink paint slapped on. This is the real deal.

Car-Specific Features:

  • FBOX 504927, built by Gunderson-Concarril in 2004.
  • Early version roof with all horizontal panels.
  • Early version carbody with tack boards.
  • Early version 12' plug door.
  • Early version underbody components arrangement, control valve mounted on same side as the air reservoir.
  • Barber S-2-HD-9C trucks.
  • Unique pink paint scheme which only appears on FBOX 504927 in the 2020s.
  • Overspray on roof matches the real car
  • Tuscan Red TTX Logo located above reporting mark and road number. Location of the logo is slightly varied on both sides to match the prototype.
  • ‘On Track for A Cure’ slogan and ribbon.
  • Misapplied TTX Class ‘XNH50M’ label.
  • Misapplied NSC 6264 cf 50’ Plate F boxcar dimensions and capacity data markings.
  • Accurate fonts and sizes used on all car markings.

General Model Features:

  • The end-all HO scale model of this modern 50’ boxcar!
  • All-new model, meticulously designed from various prototype resources.
  • Highly detailed, injection-moulded plastic body with accurately shaped ‘grid’ sides.
  • Separately applied ladders, handrails, door rods and track, air brake system components and piping, coupler cut levers and air hoses.
  • Near-scale size draft gear box with side detailing.
  • 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with fully replicated bolster & center plate detail, side bearings and brake beams. Appropriate truck sideframes per prototype.
  • NMRA RP-25, Code 110, metal 36” wheelsets featuring prototypical wheel contour and axle tapering.
  • Animated rotating roller-bearing end caps.
  • AuroraJanney scale head couplers installed.
  • Precision painting and printing.
  • One road number offered for this paint scheme. (Yes, just one!)
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