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HO Scale Greenbrier 7550 cf 60’ Plate F Boxcar 1st Run - BKTY (GATX Blue)

HO Scale Greenbrier 7550 cf 60’ Plate F Boxcar 1st Run - BKTY (GATX Blue)

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Aurora Miniatures North America Inc. is proud to offer the HO Greenbrier 7550 cf 60’ Plate F Boxcar, in multiple road name-specific and era-specific detail variations. Our replica of this iconic 21st century 60’ boxcar shares the same epic design philosophy and attention to detail as our previously-released 50’ version. No other model train manufacturer’s previous attempts come close to matching the Aurora treatment!


Model Features:

  • The ultimate, end-all HO scale model of this popular boxcar!
  • Based on multiple variations of the 60’ Plate F boxcars built by The Greenbrier Companies from 2003 to present day.
  • All-new model, meticulously designed using various prototype resources with unrivalled accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Highly detailed, injection-moulded plastic body with accurately rendered detail variations.
  • Separately applied ladders, handrails, grab irons, coupler cut levers and air hoses.
  • Fully replicated underbody details: control valve, two-sided release road with mounts, empty/load sensor, diagonally mounted air reservoir, brake cylinder, low-mounted brake rods, full piping details connecting all components.
  • Separately applied vertical wheel handbrake with release lever, handbrake chain and bell crank on B-end.
  • Near-scale size draft gear box with side key detail and cushion detail.
  • Aurora-designed 100-ton roller-bearing freight car truck system  with sideframe variations, fully replicated bolster & center plate detail, side bearing and brake beams.
  • NMRA RP-25, Code 110, machined metal 36” wheelsets featuring rotating bearing caps, prototypical wheel contour and axle tapering.
  • Rotating ‘Timken’ or ‘Brenco’ bearing caps, per prototype.
  • AuroraJanney scale head couplers installed.
  • Precision painting and lettering.
  • Multiple road numbers offered for each paint scheme.

This product is produced under license from the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

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