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[ETA Jan. 2024] HO Scale National Steel Car 3650 cf 66’ ‘Railgon’ Gondola

[ETA Jan. 2024] HO Scale National Steel Car 3650 cf 66’ ‘Railgon’ Gondola

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HO Scale National Steel Car 3650 cf 66’ ‘Railgon’ Gondola

Aurora Miniatures North America Inc. is proud to offer the National Steel Car 3650 cf 66’ ‘Railgon’ Gondola in HO scale. These Canadian-built modern 66’ gondolas were introduced in 2012, they were assigned the GNTX reporting mark and painted in the prominent ‘Railgon’ scheme with a large Tuscan red TTX logo on a yellow background. They can be found across North America in steel mill service. Similar-looking gondolas were also built for BNSF, Canadian Pacific and other owners. We are offering 20 unique GNTX numbers along with a ‘Data Only’ version for the first production run.

Series-Specific Features:

  • GNTX 295500-296099, TTX Class ‘NSG21’, built in 2012 by National Steel Car in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Accurately replicated gondola body style is unique to this series of cars.
  • Low mounted brake rods, also unique to this series of cars.
  • Underframe ‘Piping to nowhere’ reserved for TMB systems.
  • Model depicts ‘as-delivered’ appearance of the prototype gondola.
  • Yellow reporting mark and road number.
  • Yellow Railgon logo on centre side of car.
  • TTX Tuscan-red logo on yellow background on right side of car.
  • Barber S-2-HD Trucks with blue ‘Brenco’ AAR Class K bearings.
  • ‘Data Only’ version have the following lettering omitted: road name, road number, class marking, logos, reflective stripes. Modellers to apply their own decals to complete the model.

General Model Features:

  • First ever HO scale model of this uniquely Canadian 66’ mill gondola!
  • Precision painting and printing.
  • Fully assembled and ready-to-run.
  • All-new model designed from various prototype resources.
  • Highly detailed, injection-moulded plastic body with accurately shaped side and underframe supports.
  • Separately applied grab irons, handrails, reinforcement plates, air brake system components and piping, coupler cut levers and air hoses.
  • Near-scale size draft gear box with side detailing.
  • 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with fully replicated bolster & center plate detail, side bearings and brake beams.
  • NMRA RP-25, Code 110, machined metal 36” wheelsets featuring prototypical wheel contour and axle tapering.
  • Animated rotating roller-bearing caps.
  • AuroraJanney scale head couplers installed.
  • 20 road numbers for this paint schemes, plus 'Data Only' version.
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